The Elder Brithvar Baldurs Gate 3: A Duergar Enigma

In the subterranean depths of Baldur’s Gate 3, where sunlight is a distant memory and danger lurks around every twist of the tunnel, Elder Brithvar dwells. This enigmatic Duergar leader stands as a beacon of rebellion amidst the oppressive rule of the Mind Flayers. Understanding his role and the choices he presents is crucial for navigating the treacherous politics of the Underdark.

A Duergar of Distinction

Unlike his brethren who blindly follow the Mind Flayers’ commands, Elder Brithvar simmers with discontent. He leads a band of Duergar rebels, those who yearn to break free from mental enslavement and carve out a future of self-determination for their people. This defiance marks him as a rare breed – a Duergar leader driven by a sense of justice rather than blind obedience.

A Chance Encounter in Grymforge

Your first encounter with Elder Brithvar is likely to be a far cry from heroic introductions. Deep within the Underdark city of Grymforge, you might find him in a far less than auspicious situation – demanding coin from your party. This initial interaction, however, is your gateway to a much larger web of intrigue. Here, your response sets the stage for your relationship with Brithvar. Appeasing him, perhaps even expressing shared disdain for Nere (the Duergar he seeks payment from), can open the door to a potential alliance.

A Crossroads of Choice

The true weight of Elder Brithvar’s significance lies in the critical decision he presents: to stand with him or against him. He tasks you with a mission – to free True Soul Nere, a separate entity currently imprisoned by the Mind Flayers. This seemingly simple task explodes into a complex moral dilemma.

The Path of Rebellion

Choosing to aid Elder Brithvar in freeing True Soul Nere throws you headfirst into the heart of a Duergar power struggle. You’ll find yourself fighting alongside Brithvar’s rebels against Nere’s forces, a brutal clash that will test your combat prowess. Emerging victorious from this conflict yields a valuable, albeit temporary, ally in Elder Brithvar. His assistance can prove crucial in navigating further perils of the Underdark. Later on, you’ll have the opportunity to influence Brithvar to liberate the enslaved Deep Gnomes, a morally significant act that weakens the Mind Flayer’s grip on the Underdark.

Aligning with Tyranny

Opting to stand with Nere might seem like a more straightforward path at first. However, this choice carries a hefty moral weight. You’ll be aligning yourself with a ruthless individual who serves the very force oppressing the Underdark. This decision could lead to missed opportunities to weaken the oppressive forces and potentially result in harm to innocent beings.

Beyond the Immediate

The significance of Elder Brithvar extends far beyond the immediate consequences of your choice. He represents a flicker of hope, a spark of rebellion within the oppressive hierarchy of the Underdark. By aiding him, you contribute to a larger movement simmering beneath the surface, a potential counterweight to the Mind Flayer domination.

The Weight of Decisions

Every action in Baldur’s Gate 3 carries weight, and your encounter with Elder Brithvar is no exception. Whether you choose to stand with his rebellion or bolster the oppressive regime, your decision will have lasting consequences that ripple through the Underdark. So choose wisely, for in the face of Elder Brithvar, you hold the power to shape the destiny of this subterranean realm.

Elder Brithvar Baldur’s Gate 3: FAQ

Q: Who is Elder Brithvar?

A: Elder Brithvar is a Duergar dwarf in Baldur’s Gate 3 who leads a rebellion against the Drow slavers and mind-flayer masters. He’s a potential ally you can encounter in Grymforge.

Q: Is Elder Brithvar friendly?

A: Not initially. He might confront you for the coin owed by Nere. However, you can convince him you share his dislike for Nere, opening the door to an alliance.

Q: What are the benefits of siding with Elder Brithvar?

A: You gain the support of his Duergar rebels in a key fight. Later, you might be able to persuade him to free the enslaved Deep Gnomes.

Q: What happens if I side with Nere instead?

A: You’ll miss out on Brithvar’s aid and anger the Myconid Colony who want Nere dead.

Q: Can I fight Elder Brithvar?

A: Yes, but it’s not recommended. He’s a powerful warrior, and killing him offers minimal benefits compared to the potential gains from an alliance.

Q: What’s the Scrying Eye, and why does Brithvar want it destroyed?

A: The Scrying Eye is a magical device used to spy on the Duergar. Destroying it weakens Nere and strengthens your bond with Brithvar.

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